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Strider John's Longer Walks

These are my 4th Saturday walks which are placed here for your personal use.
If you want to copy them onto another location on the web, please ensure you notify me - do not just steal them.

If you would like to join us on these walks, please contact me through the contact form.

Houndkirk and Higger; 6 miles fairly level, some boggy bits
A steep descent and climb back up, which can be avoided.
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Tankersley and Wortley; 6 miles fairly level, some stiles
You will get lost on this route in the large field - the obvious path goes straight ahead, but yo need to dear left.
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How to find it and

Tankersley and Thorncliffe Woods; 6 miles, quite steep in places but no sustained hills

Ford and Charnock Hall; 6 miles fairly level, some very boggy bits
A steady climb on good surfaces followed by a very muddy return beside the Moss.
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Wentworth and Keppels Column; 6.5 miles hilly, some boggy bits
Cross the valley twice, so fairly hilly but should get great views.
If there has been heavy rain, the return path changes from a broken concrete track to a racing flood up to 12 inches deep!
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Dale Dike Reservoir; 5.7 miles fairly level apart from one steep, grassy hill. Probably some boggy bits!
The path shown follows the reservoir edge. If yo go too far up the road and try to cut down again, watch out for the path heading downhill to the ladder stile - do not go up the steep hill!
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Dam Flask; 4.4 miles with a couple of small hills or the option to just walk beside the reservoir. Probably some boggy bits!
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Glen Howe Park and More Hall; 4.5 or 6 miles, but lots of climbing. Mainly tracks and roads.
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A three mile version is available on the Stone to Steel site, or download here.
More information on Glen Howe Park here.

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