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The Universe of Honor Harrington
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Honorverse year (from)Honorverse year (to)Story titleAuthorPublished
250 P.D. (2352 A.D.)250 P.D."By the Book"Charles E. Gannon July 2, 2013 (in Beginnings)
1518 P.D.1519 P.D."A Beautiful Friendship"David Weber January 1, 1998 (in More Than Honor )
1518 P.D.1521 P.D.A Beautiful Friendship(novel)David Weber October 2011 (Young Adult novel)
1520 P.D.1520 P.D."The Stray"Linda Evans February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor )
1522 P.D.1522 P.D.Fire Season (novel)David Weber & Jane Lindskold October 2012 (Young Adult novel)
1522 P.D.1522 P.D.Treecat Wars (novel)David Weber & Jane LindskoldOctober 2013 (Young Adult novel)
1529 P.D.1533 P.D.A Call to Duty (novel)David Weber & Timothy ZahnSeptember 15, 2014
1543 P.D.1543 P.D."A Call to Arms"Timothy ZahnJuly 2, 2013 (in Beginnings)
c. 1652 P.D.c. 1652 P.D."What Price Dreams?"David WeberFebruary 1999 (in Worlds of Honor )
c. 1844 P.D. (December)c. 1914 P.D. (December)"I Will Build a House of Steel"David Weber May 7, 2013 (in House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion )
1842 P.D.1842 P.D."Beauty and the Beast"David Weber July 2, 2013 (in Beginnings)
1872 P.D.1872 P.D."The Best Laid Plans"David Weber July 2, 2013 (in Beginnings)
c. 1880 P.D.c. 1880 P.D."Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington"David Weber February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds )
c. 1883 P.D.c. 1883 P.D."Queen's Gambit"Jane Lindskold February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor )
c. 1890 P.D.c. 1890 P.D."The Hard Way Home"David Weber February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor )
c. 1892 P.D.c. 1892 P.D."Promised Land"Jane Lindskold March 25, 2003 (in Service of the Sword )
c. 1895 P.D.c. 1895 P.D."Ruthless"Jane Lindskold 2011 (in In Fire Forged)
c. 1899 P.D.c. 1899 P.D."Let's Dance"David Weber 2011 (in In Fire Forged)
c. 1900 P.D. (March 3)c. 1901 P.D. (January)On Basilisk StationDavid Weber April 1992
1902 P.D.1902 P.D."With One Stone"Timothy Zahn March 25, 2003 (in Service of  the Sword )
c. 1903 P.D. (April)c. 1903 P.D. (May)The Honor of the QueenDavid WeberJune 1993
c. 1904 P.D.c. 1905 P.D. (May)The Short Victorious War
David WeberApril 1994
c. 1905 P.D. (June)c. 1906 P.D.Field of Dishonor
David WeberDecember 1994
 ? ?"A Grand Tour"David DrakeJanuary 1, 1998 (in More Than Honor )
1906 P.D. (c. September)1906 P.D."Deck Load Strike"Roland J. Green February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor )
c. 1907 P.D.c. 1907 P.D. (August)Flag in Exile
David WeberSeptember 1995
 ? ?"A Ship Named Francis"John Ringo & Victor Mitchell March 25, 2003 (in Service of  the Sword )
c. 1908 P.D. (September)c. 1910 P.D. (March)Honor Among EnemiesDavid WeberFebruary 1996
c. 1910c. 1910"Changer of Worlds"David WeberFebruary 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds )
c. 1911 P.D. (July)c. 1911 P.D. (July)"A Whiff of Grapeshot"S. M. Stirling January 1, 1998 (in More Than Honor )
c. 1911 P.D.c. 1911 P.D. (December)In Enemy HandsDavid WeberJuly 1997
c. 1912 P.D. (February)c. 1913 P.D. (December)Echoes of Honor
David WeberOctober 1998
1913 P.D.1913 P.D."Let's Go to Prague"{betw. ch. 2&3 of Ashes of Victory}John Ringo March 25, 2003 (in Service of  the Sword )
c. 1913 P.D. (December)c. 1915 P.D. (May)Ashes of VictoryDavid WeberMarch 1, 2000
c. 1914 P.D.c. 1914 P.D."An Act of War"Timothy Zahn 2011 (in In Fire Forged)
1914 P.D.1914 P.D."From the Highlands"Eric FlintFebruary 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds )
c. 1914 P.D. (December)c. 1914 P.D. (December)"Nightfall" {expanded ch. 33 ofAshes of Victory}David Weber February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds )
c. 1915 P.D. (May)c. 1915 P.D. (May)"Fanatic"Eric Flint March 25, 2003 (in Service of  the Sword )
c. 1918 P.D. (June)c. 1918 P.D. (August)"The Service of the Sword"David Weber March 25, 2003 (in Service of  the Sword )
c. 1918 P.D.c. 1919 P.D.War of Honor
David WeberOctober 2002
c. 1918 P.D.c. 1919 P.D.Crown of Slaves
David Weber & Eric FlintAugust 26, 2003
c. 1920 P.D. (June)c. 1921 P.D. (June)The Shadow of SaganamiDavid WeberOctober 26, 2004
c. 1920 P.D. (July)c. 1921 P.D. (August)At All Costs
David WeberNovember 2005
c. 1921 P.D. (March)c. 1921 P.D. (December)Storm From the ShadowsDavid WeberMarch 3, 2009
1919 P.D. (November)1922 P.D. (April)Torch of FreedomDavid Weber & Eric FlintNovember 6, 2009
1921 P.D. (December)1922 P.D. (May)Mission of Honor
David WeberJune 29, 2010
c. 1921 P.D. (December)c. 1922 P.D. (March)"Obligated Service"Joelle Presby July 2, 2013 (in Beginnings)
c. 1922 P.D. (March)1922 P.D. (August)A Rising Thunder David WeberMarch 1, 2012
1922 P.D. (February)1922 P.D. (August)Shadow of Freedom David WeberMarch 5, 2013
1922 P.D. (May)1922 P.D. (October)Cauldron of Ghosts David Weber & Eric FlintMarch 15, 2014
The Honor Harrington
On Basilisk Station
The Honor of the Queen
The Short Victorious War
Field of Dishonor
Flag in Exile
Honor Among Enemies
In Enemy Hands
Echoes of Honor
Ashes of Victory
War of Honor
At All Costs
Mission of Honor
The Honor Harrington
Universe novels:
Crown of Slaves
with Eric Flint
Torch of Freedom
with Eric Flint
The Honor Harrington
More Than Honor
Worlds of Honor
Changer of Worlds
Service of  the Sword
Saganami Island Series:
The Shadow of Saganami
Storm From the Shadows
The Great Resizing:
Saganami Island
Tactical Simulator
Bahzell series
Oath of Swords and Sword Brother
The War God's Own
Wind Rider's Oath
Hell's Gate Series
with Linda Evans
Hell's Gate
Hell Hath No Fury
Dahak series:
Mutineer's Moon
The Armegeddon Inheritance
Heirs of Empire
Empire from the Ashes
Ring of Fire Series
with Eric Flint:
with Eric Flint
1634: The Baltic War
with Eric Flint
Starfire series
with Steve White:
The Stars at War
The Stars at War II
Steve White and Shirley Meier
Empire of Man series
with John Ringo
March Upcountry
March to the Sea
March to the Stars
We Few
Standalone books:
created by Keith Laumer
Old Soldiers
created by Keith Laumer
The Warmasters
The Apocalypse Troll
The Excalibur Alternative
In Fury Born