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March 2019

The outpourings of a member of the silent majority - revamped.

Three years ago I set up this site with some grand ideas about publishing my thoughts on the world in general. Things change. I never found time to publish anything much - instead I returned to an old favourite pastime of mine - walking. Today I am adding some walking related pages to the site. I am not taking down the book reviews or other material, but I am adding details of walks around Sheffield, especially short (2 to 6 miles) walks aimed at Walking for Health. See my Walking pages for more.

I have always enjoyed reading, and I enjoy reading free stories more than anything I have to pay for.
I also like a story that teaches something. I remember, as a boy, reading Asimov's End of Eternity which gave me a whole new way of thinking about time, while Clarke's History Lesson (which I always knew as Expedition to Earth) was the subject of an assembly at my Grammar School.
More recently, I have discovered the free Science Fiction available from Baen, and have worked through Honorverse and 1632 (which make very good political reading) and the Polseen war, which more resembles the modern American science fiction adventure story where the good guy wins in the end, at the cost of the death of every non-American human being. It still manages to be critical of the American government and military en route. Because these stories are freely available, I am going to make them available for download from this site.

Thank You
Strider John

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