Reader Software for the Library

To read your ebook collection you will need the proper software installed. We supply several different formats for different purposes. Depending on your needs you can download software for the various formats below. After installing the software go to matching links to read your books.


Use your Web Browser. Just click on the HTML link to start reading. Best result with Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers.

Netscape Browsers

Internet Explorer


Amazon Kindle Reader

With the introduction of the Amazon Kindle wireless ebook reader WebScription user have a new device for reading their favorite ebooks. All of the WebScription books are available in a Kindle format for direct use. Here's how to load them.

  1. Download the WebScription ebook in the Mobipocket/Palm/Kindle Format. If you download the Zipped version be sure to unzip the file to a directory that you can find.
  2. Connect the Kindle reader to your computer using the USB cable supplied with the Kindle. The Kindle's memory and memory card will appear as a new drive attached to your computer.
  3. Copy the ebook file into the "documents" directory on the Kindle.

Disconnect the USB cable and the new book should appear in the Kindle's directory.

Microsoft Reader

For the Microsoft reader on Windows PC and Pocket PC Handheld platforms.

Mobipocket Reader

Cross platform readers for Palm, Blackberry Psion and Windows CE devices. Supports XDOC format with embedded HTML to handle typography such as italics, bolding etc.

A note on the file extensions used for the Mobipocket/Palm/Kindle/Blackberry format. Older books will have the .PRC extension. This was the original extension used by Mobipocket when they first introduced the format and was shared by the PALM DOC format. Newer files will have the .MOBI extension which more properly separates the Mobi format from the Palm DOC format.

Palms don't really care about file extensions, they use an internal file signature to decide what program runs a given file. The software for moving the file from your PC to the Palm however may not like the new .MOBI extension and claim that it doesn't recognize the file. All you need to do is rename the file with a .PRC extension and it will load fine. This only applies to Palm devices. The Kindle will take either extension.

SONY Reader

Formatted as the unencrypted SONY .LRF format

eBookwise, Rocket eBook and RCA REB1100

Formatted for the eEBookwise, Rocket eBook devices and the RCA Gemstar REB1100 reader.

Rich Text Format

RTF format is supported by most Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad, WordPerfect etc.